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What Can You Expect

When Working With Parkland Wealth?

We’ll Tailor Your Experience to Where You Are and Where You’d Like To Be

In getting to know you, we hope to determine and clarify the goals you’d like to accomplish - both personally and financially. Our relationship is similar to that of a close friend who has specialized knowledge in the areas of finance, tax and estate planning. With this in mind, our conversations are centered around your interests and the path that best suits your needs.

Through various illustrations, we endeavor to outline the effects that various decisions may have, we will stress test your options for you to ultimately empower you in making informed financial decisions. It all starts with a conversation.

Our Process

We’ll begin with a discovery meeting in which we discuss what you are looking for in a new advisor relationship and where you are currently with your finances.

We will then overview the type of work we do and how it may help overcome some of the obstacles and/or challenges you may be facing.

If we decide that working together is mutually beneficial, we will proceed with an in-depth data gathering meeting. This includes not only gathering financial information from you but the details and qualitative information that will affect how and why certain decisions have been made.

After analyzing this information, we will propose solutions to first address any immediate or short-term issues and work to establish a flexible long-term plan to accomplish your goals.

We aim to continuously revisit and adjust your plan as things in life change, from values to your financial situation. We create a living plan, not a static one for our clients.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Begin By Scheduling a Meeting